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These days it's rare when a blues-based artist shows up with both tradition and true originality on their side.  Blues/Roots/Folk artist Curtis Glas is just such an artist - a man who has muscled his way onto the scene on his own terms with an identity that is clearly steeped in blues/roots/gospel but reaches out toward refreshingly unexpected horizons.  That freshness, together with a relaxed stage presence, passionate vocals and smooth, textured guitar melodies gives Curtis the captivating edge with audiences from all generations & musical tastes.
Curtis channels his many influences, but he has found a unique voice within it all that has truly begun to surface.  Armed with his acoustic lap slide guitar and an acoustic camphor-wood stomp box, Curtis creates a unique blend of sophisticated blues/roots music as only he could; polished, but leaving the edges a little rough -  contemporary, yet utilizing simple sounds indicative of music recorded decades ago.  Curtis explores the traditional, always with modern-day flair, or something to pull it slightly off in a new direction.  He dusts off Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on fire” and burns it down with the haunting tones of his rare 1920’s Weissenborn lap slide guitar.  
Appointed first place for outstanding vocals in the Calgary Blues Music Association’s Blues Vocal Competition, Curtis has gone on to work with award winning Canadian musicians and performs at popular Canadian festivals (Calgary International Blues Festival, Winnipeg’s Farm Fest and Calgary’s Burn the Tree Festival).  Sure to be enjoyed by all audiences, Curtis Glas captivates listeners with his original, gutsy, spirited blues & folk songs.